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kE = ½ mv²

A world first in the service of Man, to go together with the flavour of wine that helps to feel what we think in order to express what we feel.

OVARIUS® is a 4-dimensional creation emanating from research into Kinetic Energy. This leads naturally to say that Energy is Information on the Move, helping to explain the Human Being as a fractal of the Universe.

The information in wine is essential for the evolution of Man. OVARIUS® is created as an Enlightner of Wine Energy, giving Man conscience elevation through the 4th dimension that is Movement.

Tasting Wine with OVARIUS® is discovering Wine differently, encouraging one to seek true wine by delving into the agriculture of our planet lands in the rediscovery of our roots. The only way to respect Wine is through craft wine making, wine matured by artists, who with love and not  force offer Life to Wine.

Every OVARIUS® is an unique item, mouth blown using ancestral techniques.

The best way to discover OVARIUS® is to pour part of a bottle of wine into OVARIUS®. Then compare the wine from OVARIUS® with that from bottle.  You have been introduced  into "In Vino Veritas" dimension.